Exhibitor Profile



International Agricultural Business Exhibition

Products Exhibition Groups:

• Agricultural Machinery Industry
• Tractors, Combine Harvesters, Trailers
• Seeds, Seedlings and Gardening
• Fertilizer Services
• Greenhouse and  Equipments
• Irrigation Tools, Machines and Systems
• Organic Agriculture Sector
• Agricultural Chemical Products
• Agricultural Commodities Processing Sector
• Poultry Business: Housing, Feeds Production And Health Management
• Livestock Related Agricultural Tools And Machinery
• Livestock Equipments Supply Industry
• Animal Farms Firms
• Milking And Cooling Technology
• Automatic Milking Systems
• Animal Housing Planning And Equipment
• Livestock Reproductive Technologies
• Veterinary Medicine
• Animal Health And Hygiene
• Livestock Preventive Medicine
• Laboratory and Veterinary Devices
• AnimalTransportation Services
• Feed Industry
• Tree and Cash Crops Agriculture
• Horticulture Farming
• Forage Crops Agriculture
• Feed Preparation And Crushing Machines
• Feed Storage -Silos-Silage Covers
• Feed Factory Installation Systems
• Feed Trailers
• Raw Material Production And Feed Storage
• Live Animal Display
• Fish Farming and Processing Sector
• Ornamental Fish Production
• Meteorological Measurement Systems
• Soil Measurement Systems
• Agricultural Laboratory Equipment
• Packaging Industry
• Ornamental Plants
• Fruit Vegetables Producers and Sellers
• Beekeeping and Bee Supplies
• Agricultural Machinery and Tools
• Garden Equipments
• Agricultural Spraying Machines
• Financial Sector-Banking and Insurance Institutions
• Agricultural Magazine, Newspapers Publishers
• Cold Storage Infrastructure And Technologies
• Red Meat Cutting Machines,  Integrated Meat Plants and Meat Processing Machines
• Weighing Systems
• Agricultural Logistics
• Food Safety, Hygiene and Quality Control Technologies
• Sectoral Publications
• All Officials and Private Institutions related to Agriculture and Livestock
• All Chambers, Associations, Cooperatives Societies and Associations related to Agriculture and Livestock

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