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  • Crops Farmers
  • Horticultrists
  • Livestock and Poultry Farmers
  • Veterinarians
  • Agricultural Engineers
  • Quality Control and Laboratory Officers
  • Livestock Equipment Manufacturers and Distributors
  • Food Processing and Product Industry Managers
  • Dairy and Fattening Enterprises Managers
  • Food Engineers and Researchers
  • Livestock Feed Mills Specialists
  • Agricultural Food Commodities Processors
  • Agricultural Commodities Storage Specialists
  • Agricultural Sales and Marketing Managers
  • Project and Construction Consultants
  • Government and Public Officials
  • Bank and Insurance Managers
  • Farmers Unions and Associations
  • Farmers Cooperative Societies
  • Agricultural Chamber of Commerce
  • Market, Restaurant, Hotel and Catering Firms Managers
  • Food Wholesalers - Distribution and Marketers
  • University Teachers and Students
  • Economic and Commercial Attaches of Consulates
  • Press and Media Members
  • Patent, Trademark, Management, Inspection and Certification Experts
  • Department of Agriculture at the Local Government level
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