Why Visit?

AGROBIXEXPO 2020 WILL BE THE BIGGEST Agribusiness Conference and exhibition in Africa

  • The event will provide you the opportunity to meet the Nigerian andAfrican leaders in the agricultural business sector on the same platform
  • It provides easy access to several services and products from the exhibitors
  • Participants will be exposed to new technologies and also creates an opportunity to capture the future, share information and outsmart competitors.
  • Create an opportunity for the participants to meet the domestic and foreign investors who may want to invest in the agricultural sector with the participating companies and to establish new agribusiness business connections.
  • Ensuring the transfer of information to famers and agribusiness entrepreneurs through the West African Agricultural Business Conference co-located with the exhibition; hence an improvement in the knowledge and business perspectives of the participants.
  • To have knowledge about competitors, to learn and compare competitors' products, methods and price policies,
  • Participants and visitors will have the opportunity to establish linkage with exhibitors, firms, products and services providers, organisations and companies participating in the exhibition
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